Lee Van Camp

Lee Van Camp (°1996) is a visual artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. He graduated from Sint Lucas Antwerp in 2020 with a Master’s degree in Art, Design, and Image in an autonomous context. Lee is absorbed in shooting and manipulating self-portraits.

Lee uses the term self-portraits even though the images do not reflect his lifelike appearance. From an early age, he has had the feeling that others try to control his life. Usually people question his name, origin or sexuality because they do not match the prevailing Western expectations. Lee mainly focuses on the gaze in his art practice. He strives to play with the layering of our society and quite literally uses these layers in his work. That's why he considers Adobe Photoshop as a form of art.

People can question Lee's images as they regularly do with him. His appearance is always the subject in public. Because of this, Lee doesn’t know where and how to feel welcome in society. One could argue that he admires and obsesses over the self, but it’s actually Lee's way of processing the offensive messages he has received over the years.


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